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Sheep and Elves - it can only be Bridgend

Remember Feastival, Bridgend's Alternative Food Festival held last month?  It promised all the usual smells, stalls and stands of conventional food festivals as well as slightly less conventional exhibits.  Amongst these was a 10ft cauliflower sheep.    Unfortunately, the building of the sheep didn't quite go to plan.  Take a look at this great video.

Not to be put off, the organisers of Bridgend's crazy events are back with their Christmas offering, the Elfsteddfod.  They don't do things lightly as they take on the might of New York City in a bid to smash the world record for the largest number of elves gathered in one place at one time.  The American city currently holds the record with 607 elves.  So go along to Bridgend town centre on 11 December to be part of it

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