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Dare you take on the Mynydd

Are you up for a challenge? Well in this neck of the woods they don't come much bigger than the Mynydd

The Mynydd is a mountain biking track at Cwmcarn near Caerphilly.  To the un-initiated (i.e. me) it looks as if you have to be mad to ride your bike down here. Taking the steep drops, tight turns and huge jumps at break-neck speeds seems to be impossible. Yet they do and that is why this is considered to be one to the best tracks in the country by mountain biking enthusiasts.  It has been rated as a Black track, which means it is officially classed as severe and should only be tackled by experienced riders. You daren't take your eyes off the track, which is a shame as the views from the top are stunning.

The Mountain Biking Wales website describes it as

"a track which offers steep technical sections, a very fast open section near the bottom, jumps, drops, berms, infact probably one of the biggest berms you'll ever see, as well as some doubles and even a massive gap jump if you want to try it."

Don't believe me how hair raising it is, then take a look at this video:

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