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Chinese Takeaway

The town of Dazu in China is a World Heritage Site, notable for an exceptional series of rock carvings from the 9th to 13th century.  There are 50,000 figures in total, remarkable for their aesthetic quality and the insight they give to life in China during this period.

So, why in a blog all about Wales am I telling you this? 

Well, these remarkable carvings have never been seen outside of China until now.  But from today until the 3rd April some these figures go on display at the National Museum in Cardiff.  The museum is the only venue for this exhibition before the artifacts return to their home in Dazu.

The exhibition is imaginatively titled From Steep Hillsides: Ancient Rock Carvings from Dazu, China.  It contains superb examples that have become detached from their original setting, along with accurate replicas of some of the most important sculptures and dramatic large-scale images.

The National Museum is situated in Cardiff City Centre.  As well as extensive archaeological displays the museum is home to a superb exhibition on the evolution of Wales as well as large art gallery which includes one of biggest collections of impressionist paintings outside Paris.  And best of all, entry to the museum is free.

For more information on the National Museum and the Dazu Exhibition visit their website

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    Hi i visit this site its Great beacuse of Museum is great to watch in the web. i wiil visit the Museum for general Knowledge.
    To develop my skills.............

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