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Wonderful Welsh Whisky

Here at Southern Wales Tourism we spent last week entertaining a group of Dutch and Mexican tour operators, showing them the sights of our region.

It was over dinner one night that they were surprised to learn that Wales produces it's own whisky - Penderyn.  It seemed rude not to buy them a glass or two to sample!

Welsh whisky might not be as well known as its Scottish or Irish counterparts that will surely change soon.

Penderyn Whisky (which takes its name from the village in the Brecon Beacons National Park where the distillery is based) started production in 2000 and the first bottle was released on St David's Day in 2004.  It was the first whisky to be (legally!) produced in Wales since the 19th century.  The distillery is situated on a natural spring and it uses this water, to produce the whisky.

The visitor centre opened in 2008 and takes visitors on a tour explaining how the distilling process works.  Even better, at the end of the tour you get the chance to sample the whisky (or vodka, gin or cream liquor that they also produce).

And if you're really into your whisky, why not try the Penderyn Distillery Master Class tour. This includes a detailed tour of the distillery, an in-depth look at how the whisky is made and also an expert tasting session.

For more details take a look at their website -

Iechyd da!

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