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Is this the most Picturesque Village in Wales?

Dipping BridgeThis is the village of Merthyr Mawr near Bridgend.  It's an idyllic little settlement, as picturesque as they come, with an outstanding collection of thatched cottages positioned around an old Village Green.

Despite being a relatively small village, there's plenty of interesting places to visit.  

At the entrance to Merthyr Mawr village is the 'Dipping Bridge'.  Built in the 15th century, the holes in the sides allowed farmers to push their sheep into the River Ogmore for a seasonal dip! At the side of the bridge once stood an inn, once popular with travellers on a pilgrimage to the city of St David's in Pembrokehsire.  It was reputed that the landlord would rob and murder his visitors and bury their bodies in his cellar.  When the pub was eventually demolished at the beginning of the 20th century hundreds of skeletons were found in the basement. 

Just down the lane from the Dipping Bridge lie the remains of Candleston Castle, once a 15th century fortified mansion house, it is now an ivy covered ruin that was the centre point of ancient village of Treganllaw.

Just beyond the castle is one of the biggest sand dune systems in Europe.  It once stretched for miles, right around Swansea Bay and some of the dunes are as big as small mountains.  The dunes are an important wildlife habitat and site of scientific interest, which shelters a rich variety of plants. Parts of the Hollywood blockbuster 'Lawrence of Arabia' were filmed here.

Finally, cross the 'Swing Bridge' and over the stepping stones to explore Ogmore Castle, probably the most picturesque castle in Wales before sitting down for some well earned refreshments in the tea rooms or one of the country pubs nearby.

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