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Bridging the Gap

Newport Transporter BridgeThere are only 8 of these things in the entire world and you can find one of them right here in Southern Wales.  It is the Newport Transporter Bridge.

When a bridge was needed just over 100 years ago to span the river Usk at Newport a design was needed that wouldn't impede the progress of ships travelling up and down the river.  Engineers came up with the idea of a Transporter bridge - two high towers supporting a 'railway track' from which is suspended a platform or 'gondola' on which passengers or vehicles ride.

The towers now stand 645 feet apart and with a height of 242 feet mean the bridge is an easily recognisable feature on the Newport skyline.  The gondola is electrically operated and travels at a speed of 10 feet per second.

Check the bridge's operating times here and more information on the bridge can be found on the Friends of Newport Transporter Bridge (FONTB) website

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