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Llancaiach FawrToday's guest blog has been written by Steffan Matthias, Agent and Surveyor at Llancaiach Fawr Manor near Caerphilly.

You'll have to excuse the writing style. After all, Steffan is almost 400 years old.

"My Master Edward Prichard owns the capital Manor House of Llancaiach Fawr in the parish of Gelligaer in this year of our Lord 1645. He is one of the most powerful men in Glamorgan, being a landowner, a lawyer and a Justice of the Peace, and a Commissioner of Array for his Majesty King Charles.

You shall be afforded a most gracious welcome to my Master his house. Edward Prichard is the direct descendant of Cedrych ap Gwaithfoed, the olden Lord of Ystrad Twyi. My Master still follows the ancient traditions of Perchentyaeth, the obligations brought by the office and privilege of Landowner.

The Master will offer protection and hospitality via his servants, who will attend gentle visitors and provide guidance about his fair house and speak of their experiences and their lives in the house during this most horrid Civil War. Fortunately Llancaiach is far removed from the distractions of War, and all of my Master's visitors will be assured of a safe haven and pleasant discourse during their visit."

Llancaiach Fawr is a Grade One listed Manor House that has been restored and furnished according to its appearance during 1645. Visitors will now encounter live role-playing interpreters portraying the household staff during the time of the Civil War.

For more information please visit the Llancaiach Fawr website

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