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QR Causes Quite a Stir

Monmouthpedia QRFor a town with a rich history, Monmouth is certainly embracing the future.

Famous for its distinctive 13th century bridge, castle and Shire Hall, it also has links with many famous historical figures including Henry V and Charles Rolls (of Rolls Royce fame) and Lord Nelson who.

And now you can find out all about these historic attractions and people thanks to the most modern of means - the smartphone.

Monmouth has become the first ever town to be given its own dedicated Wikipedia site.  Monmouthpedia will aim to chronicle every detail about the town including its history, attractions and restaurants.

In conjunction with Monmouthpedia, hundreds of QR codes will soon be appearing around the town.

Using smartphone technology, visitors can scan the codes and receive information about that particular landmark or point of interest. What's more the information will appear in the user's own language (provided they speak one of the 270 languages the information will be translated into).

The project was launched last weekend and certainly caused a stir with news spreading all over the world and making headlines in newspapers and websites including the LA Times and The West Australian

Have you spotted the QR codes around Monmouth? Did you scan them? Leave a comment to let us know what you thought

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