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My Day out with the Doctor

Doctor WhoAs if Cardiff didn't already have enough brilliant attractions, along comes another one - The Doctor Who Experience, adding to Cardiff's enviable list of places to go and things to see.

Given that most of the series is filmed in and around Cardiff it is fitting that this new interactive exhibition is housed in the Bay area of the city and opposite the new BBC studios.  It opens to the public this week and yesterday I was given a special sneak preview.

The tour starts with a short film before the screen parts and we were invited to step through the crack in time into another universe.  In there we get to meet the eleventh Doctor himself (or at least via video), who's voice will guide us through the experience. 

Next comes the highlight of the tour as we step through the famous blue doors and into the Tardis.  Invited to take the controls, the most famous police box in the world, shakes and rattles as we fly through space.

Safely on the ground we emerge to be confronted by none other than the daleks.  After they explain, in their own particular style, their plans for world domination and with threats of extermination ringing in our years, we move on to a final film where thanks to the 3D glasses I have a closer than I would have liked encounter with a cyberman.

From there we were led through into the exhibition where we could look at all manner of props and memorabilia from the show.  The costumes of all 11 doctors and many of his assistants are on display.  Models of some of the most gruesome monsters are there too and you even get the chance to control a dalek and learn to walk like a cyberman.

Finally it was on to the shop, stocking every conceivable Doctor Who merchandise imaginable.

The Doctor Who experience is located right in the heart of Cardiff Bay and opens this Friday 20 July.  See the website for more details.

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