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Wales, Dwynwen and an E-lovespoon

I saw a very good tweet this morning from @marcwebber (re-tweeted by @trutourism).  It read:

Expensive business being a Welshman. We have TWO Valentines days to shell out for! (25th Jan & 14 Feb)

Yes, that's right, as well as the more widely known St Valentine's Day, we also have our own, traditional day to celebrate - Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen (or St Dwynwen's Day if you prefer), and it is celebrated this Friday (25 January)

The history of St Dwynwen and how this day came to be celebrated is told on the Museum Wales website.

If you're looking for an ideal gift to give someone special then how about a traditional Welsh lovespoon.

Traditionally the wooden spoon was given by a man to a lady as a token of his affection.  He would carve the spoon from a single piece of wood and was considered an early form of an engagement ring.  The spoon usually contained a number of symbols which all had different meanings, including a horseshoe for luck, bells for marriage, hearts for love and a lock for security.  Caged balls are said to indicate the number of children the couple would have.

The tradition continues today, although we're more likely to cheat and buy the spoons from a craft shop rather than make them ourselves.  Of course, being in the technological age, you can even make and send an e-lovespoon.

More information on Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen and the Top 10 romantic things to do in Wales can be found on the Visit Wales blog

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