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The Elf-steddfod is Back

The Bridgend Elfsteddfod is back.

Back in 2010, the town of Bridgend took on mighty New York in the battle of the Elves. The Big Apple held the record for the most elves gathered together in one place.  Bridgend decided to take on the challenge and ended up smashing the world record with 794 elves gathering in the town centre.

Every year since then
, Bridgend has successfully topped their record with more and more elves coming to the town to be part of history and the current record, set last year, stands at 1500.

Not one to rest on their laurels, the town is looking yet again to break its own record.

This Saturday, 13th December, people are being invited to gather in the town for a day of festivities which will culminate in the Elf World Record attempt. To take part, just turn up in a red or green jumper and collect one of the official elf hats that will be provided.

Who knows, you might end the day as a World Record Holder.

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