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Christmas Countdown

With Christmas fast approaching we continue our look ahead to some of the festive delights that are coming up over the next couple of weeks.  This week, it's Bridgend's Elfsteddfod.

What started as an attempt to break New York's World Record World Record for the number of elves gathered in one place in 2010, has grown every year since.  So much so that it continually breaks its own World Record every year.

The record, if you don't know, is for the largest gathering of elves in one place.  That place is Bridgend.  They currently hold the record with 1216 of Santa's little helpers cramming in to the town centre last year.  This year, the organisers are hoping to go (at least) one better and break the record for the 4th consecutive year.

And you can take part too.  Simply turn up in Bridgend Town Centre on Saturday 14 December and collect your official elf hat from the organisers and you'll become part of the record attempt.

For more information visit the website

Good Week for Bridgend

It's been a good week for the county of Bridgend.

Last Saturday saw them take on New York as they attempted to beat their World Record for the largest gathering of elves.  The record stood at 610 elves but the people of Bridgend smashed that record as 794 people, sorry I mean elves, gathered on Adare Street.

Then just yesterday it was announced that the star of Porthcawl Grand Pavilion's annual pantomime, Dave the Cow, had been voted the best panto cow in the UK.  Speaking after his win Dave said "I'm udderley mooooved by this accolade and it was a great competion to win as the steaks were so high"

If you want to catch Dave in action then Jack and the Beanstalk is running at the Grand Pavilion until 2 January 2011

The Elves are Coming

Just 3 days to go until Bridgend attempts to break New York's World Record for the biggest Elf gathering.  You can come and help:

Little Bridgend takes on mighty New York

This is New York City last December as they break the world record for the largest gathering of Elves.  Never one to shirk a challenge, the market town of Bridgend is now taking on the Big Apple in a bid to snatch the record from their grasp.

607 is the number to beat and on Saturday 11 December organisers hope to attract enough Elves to the town to enter the record books.  Organisers will provide the hat, you provide the red or green jumper.

As well as the world record attempt there will be loads of other activities going on including arts and crafts, Christmas baking and Elf opening of the Bridgend Christmas Market. See you there!

Sheep and Elves - it can only be Bridgend

Remember Feastival, Bridgend's Alternative Food Festival held last month?  It promised all the usual smells, stalls and stands of conventional food festivals as well as slightly less conventional exhibits.  Amongst these was a 10ft cauliflower sheep.    Unfortunately, the building of the sheep didn't quite go to plan.  Take a look at this great video.

Not to be put off, the organisers of Bridgend's crazy events are back with their Christmas offering, the Elfsteddfod.  They don't do things lightly as they take on the might of New York City in a bid to smash the world record for the largest number of elves gathered in one place at one time.  The American city currently holds the record with 607 elves.  So go along to Bridgend town centre on 11 December to be part of it