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Kenfig SafariThe Kenfig National Nature Reserve on the coast near Porthcawl is one of the country's most important nature reserves.   Covering 1300 acres, it boasts one of the finest Wildlife habitats in Wales and one of the last remnants of a huge sand dune system that once stretched along the coast of Southern Wales.  The reserve is home to unique wild orchids, as well as insects and wildlife.

We recently visited the site and were taken on one of the reserve's Land Rover safaris in the company of head warden Dave Carrington. 

Armed with a pair of binoculars and a camera we set off from the visitor centre and headed out into the dunes.  Dave told us all about the site, what animals, birds and flowers we could expect to see.  He also told us about the site's fascinating history.  During the second world war, troops trained on the reserve in preparation for the Normandy D-day landings.

Our tour continued and we arrived at Sker beach to see a Kestrel flying above us.  Sker is one of the area's hidden gems.  So remote that not many people know about its two miles of golden sands, the only way to get there is by trekking through the dunes from the visitor centre.  So even on the hottest of days (we do get them occasionally) this beach is always quiet.

The rare Fen OrchidOnwards, and this time to one of the reserve's most secluded and most secretive areas, and secretive for a very good reason.  Here is the location for the Fen Orchid (or if you're a Latin speaker you'll know it as the Liparis loeselii Var. ovata).  This is one of the rarest plants in the world, only found on a handful of sites worldwide, including here at Kenfig.  We were lead around the area by Dave, being very careful where we walked to avoid trampling this rare species.

Back into the land rover and on to Kenfig Pool, passing the remains of Kenfig Castle on the way.  Kenfig Pool is the largest natural lake in South Wales at 70 acres and it is home to a wide variety of birds throughout the year.

Finally it was time for the final leg of the journey back to the visitor centre.  The whole tour took 2 ½ hours which really emphasised just how big and varied the reserve is.

For more information on Kenfig National Nature Reserve is available here.