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Caravanning, but not as you know it

Romany CaravanAfter my blog back in May about Glamping in Cwmcarn near Caerphilly, it seems that the phenomenon is starting to catch on:

We all know the scenario - caravan holiday, cramped conditions, lashing rain, howling wind and a trudge across a sodden field to get to the showers and toilets.

But now you can forget all and stay in an authentic Romany Caravan.  A traditional Vardo, the caravan used to travel the lanes of the Welsh countryside but has now found a permanent home on a sheep farm near Bridgend. 

You may still find conditions a bit cramped if you bring the entire extended family, but it is ideal for a couple looking for a romantic getaway as you snuggle in the caravan, watching the stars and listening to the sounds of the countryside.  Anyway the rest of the family can stay in the nearby self catering house or pitch a tent or two next door.

And no more trudging across soggy fields either as the caravan comes complete with a cabin housing toilet, hot water, shower and washing facilities.  There is also a terrace and barbeque area and an internet connection meaning you don't have to get away from it all if you don't want to.

Caravan holidays will never seem the same again.

If you're interested in stayining the Romany Caravan then visit their website for more details

(Thanks to Brent Davies for the image)

Camping for softies

GlampingGlamping is, apparently, the way to go.  No, I'd never heard of it either but apparently it means glamorous camping.  It's all the rage amongst those who want experience the great outdoors without the leaky tent and soggy sleeping bag.

And now you can glamp (is that a proper word?) right here in Southern Wales.  Cwmcarn Forest near Caerphilly is already well known for the superb mountain biking trails and spectacular views from the scenic mountain drive but are now hitting the headlines with their brand new camping pods.

These timber pods are ideal if you like the idea of camping but also like life's little comforts.  The pods come equipped with a heater, a light and electric.  They are ideal for a short break without the hassle of packing away a wet tent.

Fancy trying them out?  Take a look at their website and don't forget to tell us how you got on.