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Cardiff Goes Back in Time

Re-enactmentCardiff will have a slightly old world feel to it this weekend with two great events.

Cardiff Castle hosts the Grand Medieval Melee.  Take your self back to medieval times as the castle green is transformed into a medieval village as the See the characters go about their daily chores.

Falconry displays, combats and mass battles are all part of the entertainment.  Look out too for the firing of the Castle's mighty trebuchet siege engine.

You can even try your hand at archery and try on some authentic costumes.More information is available on the Cardiff Castle website.

Meanwhile over at the St Fagans National History Museum you can come and meet the villagers as they prepare for the Battle of St Fagans during this 1648 Civil War re-enactment.

Throughout the weekend the museums grounds will be home to a military camp where various skills, trades and crafts can be seen.

You'll be able to meet various people including barber surgeons, cider-makers, weavers and craftspeople will also be on hand to give you an insight into ordinary people's lives during the era.

At the military encampment the soldiers will be gathering for the coming battle. The troops will be happy to show you how the firearms of the period worked - try your strength at handling a 16 foot pike.

Meanwhile over in the Castle you can spy on the party of Royalist officers and local gentlemen planning the campaign, whilst in the make-shift field kitchen, watch the cooks prepare food for the soldiers and view the formal dining of the commissioned officers at dinner time.

Take a look at their website for more information

Trebuchet Trouble

Cardiff CastleVisitors to Cardiff can't miss its castle.  After all it's situated right in the heart of the city.  Tours of the castle and it's impressive apartments have always been popular but today there's another reason to visit as the castle is now home to a colossal catapult known as a trebuchet. 

The trebuchet is actually a prop from the movie Ironclad, which was shot in nearby Bridgend.  Trebuchets were used in the 13th century to attack the solid walls of castles.  Using a sophisticated counter balance system, large rocks and stones could be placed in a catapult sling and hurled with such a force they could breach the strongest of fortifications and were capable of firing missiles in excess of 150 kilograms.   

The trebuchet is still in working order and is fired on special occations by the castle's 'Trebuchet Team'.  The trebuchet stands at 10 metres (approx. 35 ft high), weighs up to 6 tons and it takes 8 people to load and fire the machine.  

The next firing of the trebuchet takes place on Saturday 4 June.  More information is available from the Cardiff Castle website