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The Lost Village of Kenfig

Kenfig CastleWhilst the area around the village of Kenfig is today considered a hugely important ecological site, the massive sand dunes have their own secrets.

Buried beneath the sand is the Medieval Borough of Kenfig, rich in Roman and medieval history, its treasures now buried by the ever changing and drifting dunes.

The ancient settlement was a thriving Walled Town but by the 1600's, sand had swamped it to such a degree that only a handful of people lived there.

Kenfig was a town of some importance as by charter it could levy its own taxes and make its own by-laws. The town had a High Street, a Guildhall and even had a hospital.  Also buried beneath the sands (although the tops of its towers can still be seen poking out) is the 12th century Kenfig Castle.

As you'd expect, this area is full of myths and legends.  Sker House, set in a secluded spot overlooking the sea near a vast lonely beach is one such place.

There are several stories connected to the house. The most fascinating story is one a young woman called Elizabeth Williams who was held for many years in a room within the house by her father Isaac. He had discovered that she was involved in a relationship with a local harpist named Thomas Evans.

Eventually her father forced her into a loveless but lucrative marriage which resulted in her death of a broken heart.  Her ghost has been seen several times, standing by a window upstairs. She is seen peering across the moors awaiting her lover Thomas. People believe that if you see her it is an omen of bad luck - what do you think?

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