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Get Mashed in Bridgend

They're at it again.  Not content with alternative food festivals (with the amazing collapsing cauliflower sheep) and taking the world record for the number of Elves in one place from New York, the ever imaginative team at Bridgend have come up with yet another weird and wonderful event.  It's called the Bridgend Mash up.

It will take place in the streets of the town centre on 7th May 2011 and essentially mixes (or "mashes") traditional athletics in the streets with contemporary urban street culture. 

Traditional athletics events are leaving the track and heading for the streets with long jumping, pole vaulting, sprinting and middle distance running.  Add into the mix more contemporary pursuits such as BMX, skateboarding and parkour as well as street dancing and a music stage and you have the Bridgend Mash Up.  It will also feature the Bridgend Bombshells, the area's only Roller Derby team (no, I'd never heard of this sport before either, but it looks great fun)

Plenty of entertainment throughout the day to keep you occupied, so for more information and to keep up with any new events added to the programme take a look at their website, facebook page and use #bridgend #mashup hashtags on Twitter

Sheep and Elves - it can only be Bridgend

Remember Feastival, Bridgend's Alternative Food Festival held last month?  It promised all the usual smells, stalls and stands of conventional food festivals as well as slightly less conventional exhibits.  Amongst these was a 10ft cauliflower sheep.    Unfortunately, the building of the sheep didn't quite go to plan.  Take a look at this great video.

Not to be put off, the organisers of Bridgend's crazy events are back with their Christmas offering, the Elfsteddfod.  They don't do things lightly as they take on the might of New York City in a bid to smash the world record for the largest number of elves gathered in one place at one time.  The American city currently holds the record with 607 elves.  So go along to Bridgend town centre on 11 December to be part of it

Feastival - home of the 10ft cauliflower sheep

Feastival Logo 1.jpegIt's not all about the Golf and the Ryder Cup in Wales at the moment.  This weekend also sees the fourth and final installment of our fantastic month of food festivals.

Abergavenny, St Fagans and Cardiff Castle's Cheese festival have been and gone with great success and so this week it's the turn of Bridgend to take centre stage.

But in area renowned for quirky events (Porthcawl Elvis Festival anyone?) this is no ordinary food festival.  The organisers have dubbed it Wales' Alternative Food Feastival (corny pun intended).

Feastival is a food festival with a difference.  As well as all the usual stalls and stands, markets and demonstrations, sounds and smells that you'll find at other food festivals there are also plenty of other slightly less conventional surprises waiting for you.  Amongst these are an artist carving weird and wonderful shapes out of fruit, the culmination of a 230 mile leek relay and bizarrely a 10ft cauliflower sheep.  It couldn't happen anywhere else!!!